Come-on Get Happy


Recently I’ve been seeing and meeting a lot of people who are truly discouraged and just down in the dumps. In our current world ūüĆ鬆there are a lot of tragic, devastating things happening¬†but there¬†is also, a lot of good taking place. For some, the onset of bad news leads to an instant funk that’s hard to shake. I personally have a lot of experience dealing with discouragement living with a chronic illness (Crohn’s). I’ve had many¬†set backs and my share of disappointments and I’ve learned one very important thing – it comes down to making a choice/a mentality change to focus on the positive and believe there is hope and a good future. Over the years I’ve learned to strengthen/encourage myself by thinking this way paired with various¬†actions. I by no means am an expert but here are a couple of my “go to” strategies for dealing with the blues, a funk, depression etc..

1)Realize you’re not alone and it’s ok to be ūüė≠¬†sad or discouraged it happens to everyone. You’re allowed to feel sad just don’t dwell there. Limited time only!

2) Take care of yourself. Get enough R & R. Drink water, eat well and exercise. The better you feel physically the easier it will be to think positively.

3) Use your hands!Plant something.Paint something.Bake something.The act of creating something positive is healing. It allows you to feel useful by putting something positive back into the universe. As a result, sadness gets replaced by the energy and the joy of creating.


4) Help someone else!¬†Volunteer.Help someone you encounter on a daily basis. This stops the navel gazing and allows you to focus¬†on someone else’s needs. In the end, this¬†brings things back into perspective.

5) Surround yourself with positive vibes!!!Positive decor sayings.Positive people.Positive music/podcasts. If ain’t positive toss it or shut it off!!!


I would love to hear how you strengthen/encourage yourself when you feel low. Feel free to write in the comments below.

A Summer of Firsts


This summer has been very memorable full of a lot of firsts for me. I made it through my first¬†busy season in the real estate business and survived. I¬†worked harder than I’ve ever worked and feel a great sense of accomplishment. As¬†a result,¬†I haven’t been able to post as frequently as I would have¬†liked to.¬†So, I wanted to¬†in a sense catch up and share some highlights of my wonderful¬†summer.

I was blessed enough to purchase my first new, new car! Beep! Beep! I got to see one of my childhood heroes Edgar Martinez receive the highest honor a club can give a baseball player (retirement of his number). It was super cool!


I got to see one of my favorite artists Bruno Mars perform live.¬†He’s¬†amazing!!I totally recommend seeing him anytime you can.


I went to Emerald Downs racetrack for the first time and bet on some horses. It was super fun!


Amongst the hustle and bustle of work and¬†the inviting playful days of summer I’ve become somewhat of a procrastinator! I always feel with the ending of summer and the beginning of fall things just fall back in line! Speaking of fall, it’s¬†my favorite season! I’m super excited especially¬†for this fall. I have¬†lots of changes and new things planned for the blog so stay tuned. I hope¬†you, your family and friends¬†have a blast this Labor Day weekend! Remember to keep those affected by Hurricane Harvey in prayer.


Feelin’ It – Summertime

Here in the Northwest the dog days of summer are really heating up! This week we’ll be hitting the 90’s and might even surpass 100 degrees which is, super hot for us! The following are a couple of things I’ve been feelin’ this summer. Try them out and let me know what you think.

Emeril Lagasse – Chocolate Mousse


Here’s a quick, easy, delicious tasting summer dessert that’s wonderful¬†for the summer because you don’t have to use your oven.¬†Personally I don’t¬†really care for milk or dark chocolate but when I tried this I fell in love. Emeril Lagasse the BAM!!! man himself has a boxed chocolate mousse that is to die for!!!! All you need to whip up this quick and easy mousse is milk! I suggest chilling it in beautiful glasses. An easy, elegant delicious tasting dessert for the win!!!!! They carry it at Fred Meyer in the baking aisle or on Amazon in 6 packs!


Refreshing Summer Beverage

Lavender Lemonade


I remember very clearly the first time I had this drink it was at local coffee shop and I can recall it being so refreshing and delicious. After that experience I was curious to find out how to make it myself. After inquiring I found out that its super simple to make. It’s simply just two ingredients lemonade and lavender syrup. You can use either frozen concentrate or premade lemonade and¬†Monin¬†brand lavender syrup. Once your lemonade is¬†made/ready just sweeten with a 1/4 cup of lavender syrup or¬†¬†to taste and stir well. Serve cold. The colder the better. I also suggest using edible lavender sprigs as a garnish or stripping the sprigs and mixing the actual little lavender pieces into the lemonade¬†as a final touch. Enjoy!Bottoms up!



The lavender syrup can be found online @ the Monin site below or at Cash&Carry stores.

Book – Journal

52 list of happiness

52 Lists for Happiness

On Amazon

I loved the 52 Lists Project¬†and I absolutely¬†love the 52 Lists¬†for Happiness Project just as much.¬†This is ¬†my “go to” gift this year. I gave out the 52 Lists Project last year and this year I’m handing¬†out the 52 Lists¬†for Happiness Project. These books prompt quick short personal journaling¬†sessions that are encouraging and release positive vibes!!!! I’ve really enjoyed soaking up the sun this summer and going through this. Also, Moorea Seal will be releasing a new book this fall called Make Yourself At Home it just went on presale. It looks fabulous! If you’re interested take a look!

Make Yourself at Home

Accessory – Temporary Tattoos from Tattly


The design I’m wearing is part of the Bloom set by Helen Dealtry.

I can’t say enough about this amazing temporary tattoo company based in Brooklyn, NY. The temporary tattoos Tattly¬†creates are not only made in the U.S.A. they are¬†non-toxic (vegetable based ink)¬†and super cool. Created by¬†professional¬†artists the variety of styles/designs they carry is¬†endless. There literally is something for everyone of every age.¬†Summer weather is perfect for showing a little skin and highlighting the brilliance of these tattoos. Sold online and at selected retailers (Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Powell’s’ City of¬†Books etc..).






April’s Mantra – Enjoy the Ride


It’s true what they say the older you get the faster time goes by. Over Easter weekend when my nephews and niece were¬†hunting for eggs¬†I thought to myself, I’m glad that I’m present and I need to cherish this. I’m a big planner and I don’t really make room to be spontaneous and because of that sometimes I lose out. I have to say that being a planner has a lot of benefits of its own. Then this past weekend I had a medical scare with one of my parents. Everything in the end turned out to be fine but again, I thought to myself I need to savor my relationships by being in the moment and just going with the flow. I don’t want to look back on life and say that I was too busy working or¬†planning this or that. I want to be a person who sees people for who they truly are and is able to embrace/celebrate them in the moment. I’m choosing to focus on this now more than ever so, I’ve decided that this month’s mantra should be “enjoy the ride.” I’m personally practicing not taking everything so seriously! I’m changing my perspective because things could be a lot worse . I’m blessed and my family is here and I’m choosing to enjoy life¬†now, not¬†whenever its most convenient. I’m the driver of my own destiny and I¬† choose to enjoy the ride. I hope that you will do the same for yourself with the people you cherish.


Feelin’ It

The Crafted Life – Peace Gun Enamel Pin for Charity


I follow a wonderful blog called The Crafted Life and the author Rachel Smith is selling these beautiful pins in her Etsy shop to raise money for charity. You can buy these stylish pins for $12.00 each and all the proceeds will go to a non-profit that helps homeless and disabled veterans. Buy a crazy cool pin and help contributed to this great cause! They look great with anything jean!

Lauren Conrad’s bird earrings


One of the many things I associate with spring is the sound of birds chirping. This spring I purchased these¬†super cute bird earrings from Lauren Conrad’s jewelry collection from Kohls. Everyone knows if you’re from the Northwest everything is better when you put a bird on it! They are my favorite earrings at the moment and on sale right now for only¬†$5.99!

Book – Chasing Slowly


For about half of the month of¬†March I was sick and during that time I was able to read this delightful book called Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner.¬†She addresses the¬†American cultures¬†obsession¬†with equating success with mass¬†consumerism,¬†accomplishments and money.¬†Erin shares¬†her own personal¬†successes and failures.¬†¬†It’s insanely relatable and Erin’s transparency¬†is refreshing and encouraging.

Puyallup Farmers Market


This is one of my favorite local markets which features a wide variety of vendors. You can find everything from art, produce, plants/flowers and honey from local farmers. Located in the beautiful family friendly Pioneer Park. The market will be opening on April 15th and it runs through October 14th on Saturdays from 9am-2pm.

March Mantra -Never Stop Growing


Spring is approaching and I cannot stop¬†thinking about growth. New things springing up and coming about because of the changing of the season. At this time of year I feel like I’m¬†coming out of hibernation. I start venturing out¬†simply because it’s warmer.¬†The spring season in my mind is like the second chapter to my year and new opportunities and ideas flourish at this time. In light of the new spring¬†season ushering in growth I’ve decided that¬†March’s mantra¬†should be “never stop growing!” I pride myself on being a life-learner. I absolutely positively¬†love to learn¬†and try new¬†things. In fact, this month I enrolled in a tap-dancing class! It’s always been one of my dreams and now I’m doing it. I’m also planning trips to new places and seeking out new experiences. I’m¬†excited about what’s happening in my life¬†and I attribute¬†it solely to the fact that I remain curious about life and continue to grow and challenge myself. If you’re in a funk or¬†are¬†feeling uninspired, I encourage you to go somewhere new, read a book¬†or take a class. I can tell you firsthand that these things¬†will help you grow if you’re open to them.


Feelin’ It

It’s that time a month again where I reveal what I’m feelin’. Check it out I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking!




Hershey’s Birthday Cake Kisses

I love white chocolate and anything birthday cake flavor!!!I’m currently obsessed with Hershey’s Birthday cake kisses. They’re the best of both worlds. Get your fix on @ Target, Wal-Mart or Amazon!

Processed with VSCO with t3 preset


Notre Vie A Paris (Our Life in Paris)

I’ve been reading this new blog about two Americans in Paris. It’s about their experiences, feelings and obstacles of living in a foreign land. Everyday experiences are shared like going to the grocery store and dealing with language barriers to strolling the history rich laden streets of Paris. Not only is the writing great but the pictures and the music are fabulous! They even share their favorite hot spots to visit. If you want to experience a bit of Paris I suggest reading this!



Whackadoodles & Wanderlust

I went to a Pinsperation market this past weekend and had a great time. I got lots of inspiration and found lots of new vendors that I love! One in particular was Whackadoodles & Wanderlust. They are a stylish Washington state based company that makes beautiful pieces by upcycling antique silver plated or sterling silver flatware. I bought this cool bracelet that was made out of recycled belt material! I think their products are amazing and I appreciate that they are made out upcycled materials. You have to check out their website they have everything from earrings to key chains to wine tags and oh, did I mention they do custom orders!


Jamie Oliver’s Drink Tube Channel – YouTube

I love this YouTube channel! On this channel you’ll find many quick, thirst quenching recipes for basically every drink genre and then some. Jamie Oliver (a.k.a. the naked chef) and friends concoct cocktails, smoothies, juices, infused water, coffee and tea to name a few. In addition, there are many different tips and techniques that can be explained in a minute or less. For example, I recently learned how to make coffee using a Moka pot! If you’re looking to expand your beverage making repertoire you’ll definitely want to watch this channel!



Ten Meter Tower


I came across this video the other day and strangely I can relate to it. When I was about seven I had to jump off the high dive in order to pass my swimming lessons. I was so afraid but was motivated to jump because I didn’t want to fail! Sometimes in life it’s better just to go for it and dive in otherwise you might just miss out because of fear.


Live with Passion – February’s Mantra


January was the start of a lot of new things for me so¬†by the time¬†February rolled around I was in need of a real¬†boost.¬†¬†Instead¬†of finding it elsewhere I found exactly¬†the self encouragement I needed in a book.¬†The past couple weeks I’ve been reading a great book called In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney.¬†It’s a book that features over 100 women who are makers, artists and entrepreneurs graciously giving inspiration and advice. As I read each story I began to¬†draw from the strength of¬†each¬†woman.¬†It became as if¬†¬†the women in the book were¬†collectively whispering words of encouragement¬†directly to me.¬†Every page turn brought¬†me closer to hearing their voices say don’t give up and¬†all your hard work will pay off!¬†I have¬†been so moved by¬†these women that they’ve¬†become the inspiration behind¬†¬†my February mantra¬†“live with passion.”¬†I associate the month of February with love¬†so, I’m sharing my passions whether they be big or small. I hope you’ll join¬†me in this!¬†If you’re looking for an aha moment you’ll definitely find it in this book.


Necklaces That Tie Us Together

A¬†couple of months ago I found some really cool modern, geometric, wooden bead necklaces online and¬†I really¬†wanted one but, I didn’t want to pay for something I knew I could make!¬†Fast forward – A little online¬†research, online shopping and a trip to the craft store later here’s what I made. I think these necklaces¬†look fabulous and I was able to make multiple necklaces way cheaper than what retailers are selling¬†approximately one¬†for. I loved them so much that I gave them as Christmas gifts to women in my life that I’m close to. As I was making them for each woman I was thinking of how neat it is that we’ll all have the same necklace now and how that kind of ties us together. Every time I put on¬†my necklace I’m reminded of the other ladies who also¬†wear them. How’s¬†their day going? I might even say a little prayer for each of¬†them. These necklaces were such a big hit with the ladies I gave them to that I’m making another round of them for¬† Valentine’s Day!

If you’re interested in making these super easy chic modern necklaces all you need is:

A styrofoam block

Wooden shish kebab skewers

Round leather cording – 2mm x 2.4m

Acrylic paints – whatever colors you desire

Acrylic paint sealer/finisher (optional)

Sponge brushes

Wooden beads (2 types)

Bead, dark brown, 20×20 hand-cut faceted cube. Sold per pkg. of 25

Bead, wood (bleached), white, 20x20mm hand-cut faceted cube. Sold per pkg. of 25.

The wooden beads in these pictures are¬†beads I ordered off of Amazon then stained¬†or painted myself. The Fire Mountain¬†Gem¬†beads I¬†suggested above¬†are the same style/cut as the ones I used¬†for this project with the exception that the dark brown ones will be much darker than ones in these pictures which I personally stained. I don’t suggest staining them yourself it’s much easier just to buy them.



This project is super easy and quick to make. The dark brown¬†beads are ready to go as is once you receive them but the bleached beads are the ones you’ll paint in color/s unless you desire that bleached¬†look. First, set up a drying station for the beads that¬†you’re going to paint¬†with a¬†styrofoam block from the Dollar store and some shish kebab skewers.Cut off one end of each of¬†the skewers then stick them in the styrofoam block pointed side facing¬†upward. As you paint your beads stick¬†them on the skewers to dry. Depending on the quality and color of the paint I¬†suggest doing¬†multiple coats of paint. Once your beads are¬†fully dry you can seal them with acrylic sealer/finisher if you desire. If you seal them follow the drying time accordingly.¬†Now its time to assemble¬†your necklace!¬†I personally like no more than five beads per necklace because they are so chunky. I suggest messing around with the length of the cording once the beads are on it.¬†¬†Lastly, cut the cording to your desired length¬†and¬†just finish it off by¬†double knotting the leather cord at the ends to secure.



Here are a couple of things I’ve been feelin’ lately.

Cook with Amber

Amber Kelley is a talented & inspiring thirteen year old who is a¬†Food Network Star chef. I came across a segment she did with a major Seattle news channel and was very impressed by¬†her message to promote and challenge people to eat healthy delicious food. I suggest following her on all social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and yes, she has a YouTube channel it’s very entertaining. Watch her with your kids or by yourself and get inspired to not only cook delicious meals but meals that are healthy. Recently I’ve been making her green smoothie and I love it! It’s healthy and it tastes great! She has many excellent recipes that I’m dying to try.


TheWoollyBugger –¬†Etsy shop

I’m a big supporter of buying local especially from artists. Recently I came across a stunning piece of Washington state string art someone posted on Instagram of Jane Patten’s work. She’s a Spokane artist whose subject matter is inspired by¬†the outdoors of the¬†Pacific Northwest. She makes custom drawings, mugs, totes and string art. Check out her Etsy shop you won’t be disappointed.


Moon Valley Organics

I have been buying products from this skin care company for over 10+years at their stand in the Pike’s Place Market and everything is excellent! I have very sensitive skin that gets really dried out in the winter and their lotion bars help keep my skin looking and feeling great. Moon Valley Organics is a USDA certified organic business that sells everything from soaps, lotion bars, lip balms, medicinal salves/balms etc.. Check out their website or visit them next time you’re at the Pike’s Place Market.


I’m always looking for life hacks on how to be more productive here’s a great article from REALSIMPLE on just that. It’s a worth your time read.


Pinspiration Market

I’ve attended a couple of The Funky Junk Sisters events before at the Washington State Fair grounds and they are just the perfect girls day/night events. The Pinspiration Market is a new event showcasing over 100 booths of what you would find on Pinterest! If you’re obsessed with Pinterest as much as I am you’ll want to check this event out for sure!


When: February 10th & 11th

Where: Washington State Fairgrounds

Early Bird Shopping

Friday night Feb.10 from 6pm to 9pm ($15)

  • ¬†Purchase tickets ahead ONLINE to get in at 5:30pm
  • ¬†Tickets will be available to purchase at the door ($15) at 6pm
  • ¬†Early bird tickets get you in both Friday night and Saturday

General Admission

  • Saturday is general admission shopping ($8) from 10am to 4pm
  • Kids 12 and under are free