How You Can Combat Human Trafficking


Currently there are over 30 million people in modern-day slavery. That’s insane! Right? This is a growing global epidemic of astronomical proportions. The majority of us think it’s a terrible thing and it simply ends there. Here’s a couple of easy, practical ways anybody can help end human trafficking.

  • Actively help support human trafficking organizations by volunteering, donating money or requested items, become an advocate/fundraiser.

I’ve gathered some organizations that work on the front lines in the U.S. and abroad. These are just some of the organizations out there doing great work. I also encourage you to research and reach out to your local anti-trafficking organizations.

Unlikely Heroes

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First look: welcome to our @uheroes home in Thailand where 17 children are recovering from the child sex trafficking that they’ve been forced to endure. Many of these kids were raped by 2-4 customers a night and now they are finally safe, sleeping in peace, and surrounded by a loving, trained team who is there to walk them through every step of their healing process. They are overcomes, they are resilient and they will live lives filled with freedom. And for all of you who ask if we have home for boys: we now have 4 boys living in a new home in Thailand just for rescued boys AND we have a home in Mexico that will soon become a place of healing, hope and restoration to 12 boys all rescued from sex slavery. And hopefully soon we will have so many more homes for rescued girls – and boys!!! One child at a time, victim after victim, we are working so hard to give these special kids every chance they can possibly have to become survivors believe in you to OVERCOME!!!! #justice #overcomers #hope #transformed #healed #endslavery #freedom #makefreedompossibke #theyareworthit #peoplematter #sodothey #letsdothis #andwerenotstopping 👊🏼

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Some organizations sell products made by victims of human trafficking.  Buying items from organizations like these not only enables them to continue to rescue trafficked victims but also, helps provide counseling, shelter, job training etc.. to prior victims so they won’t fall victim again to the common pitfalls that lead to being trafficked.

The Starfish Project


Penh Lehn



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