It’s A New Day It’s A New Dawn


Over the last 8 months I’ve been absent from posting anything. As some of you know I have Crohn’s disease (16 years and running) and over the last couple of years I’ve just hit another wall with the treatments I was on. The next and only viable option that was presented to me was ostomy surgery. My heart sank when I was given the news my worst nightmare had come true! I weighed my options potentially die from reoccurring blockages in my intestine or walk through my worst fear. I decided to live and go with the surgery. It’s been three weeks after the surgery and I’m in recovery mode and heavily debating on whether or not I should write this. At first I wanted to hide it from the world in embarrassment and shame and act like nothing ever happened but obviously I can’t do that. What changed my mind was when I realized this is part of my story now. I’ve always found biographies and snippets of writing to be more appealing to me on a personal level when people are real, raw and honest. So this is me being real and hoping this will help make the transition easier for someone facing the same fate in the future. I’m not going to sugar coat it in my experience recovery has sucked and it’s hard mentally and physically. At times I thought what have I done!But this is a time to think of the long game by looking to the future. You’ll have the capability to live a fuller life and won’t be tied to staying near a bathroom constantly,or in a bathroom for a good majority of your life.This makes traveling an enjoyable thing now.You won’t have to avoid social calls/events that made dealing with the bathroom situation awkward and anxiety ridden.You can eat a variety of foods you probably haven’t eaten in years!To a foodie like me that is a huge plus!I’m told by those who’ve gone before me that you finally won’t be in constant pain anymore and will have energy. I’m not at that point yet in my recovery but looking forward to it.

I was overwhelmed when I came home facing this new lifestyle without doctors or nurses at my beckoned call. I had to constantly remind myself that if I need the doctors or nurses they are easily accessible to me.I found this gal on YouTube that has had an ostomy for a number of years and vlogs about everything ostomy related under the sun. Maggie Baldwin’s  LetsTalkIBD YouTube channel is informative, insightful and has made getting through this a lot  easier.Highly recommend. Another great resource is The United Ostomy Association Of America (UOAA). I would also suggest talking before hand with someone who has had the surgery and afterward. Theres nothing like advice and wisdom from someone who’s lived through it and is still living it out. Also, feel free to ask,comment or message me about the ostomy experience even though it’s all new to me I’m willing to answer whatever I can.

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